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What is a PDLC (product development life cycle)? It’s how you gather data and requirements for your product; it's how you break that down into manageable chunks; how you iterate on it and gather continuous feedback, it's the lifeblood and internal infrastructure on how you build, ship, and improve your product.

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For those that know this process, skip fwd a few paragraphs. For those totally new to the concept, this is the internal process you use at your company for how you come up with an idea, and ship it to your customers. Seems simple right?… Not that easy actually…

As developers and other screen-based humans, we tend to forget that our bodies aren’t made to sit in a chair and look at a screen for 8–14 hours a day. It’s an epidemic in this industry; honestly, not taking care of your body is widespread among all startup-ers alike; developers, in particular, are extremely susceptible to this pattern of behavior.

So why not build something that helps us to remember to do this a few times a day!!??


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Most companies use slack as a central point of communication, which seemed like the perfect place to start.

We built a yoga-slack-bot…

What is an SDLC (software development lifecycle), and why is it important? We get asked this question so often we figured it was a good idea to make a blog post about it. For seasoned software engineers, this is just a way of life. Developers know this process as if it was their work manual. Their religion, if you will.

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If you are an engineer or seasoned in PDLC or SDLC process, this post isn’t for you. …

You have an MVP product or something I like to call vaporware. You have some traction and are servicing an unmet need in a market/industry. The bulk of your time at this point is spent on doing sales or marketing, pitching to investors of all kinds, and trying to keep your company afloat as you reach the next summit in your startup journey.

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If you are building a software product (SaaS etc.), you probably have either a small dev agency contracting for you, or maybe you have some jr devs that are looking for their first real job, or you…


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